Méfiance concernant le pétrole avant l’American Petroleum Institute

We can see on this chart that the price of oil rose $ 0.29, passing a rate of $ 50.04 to $ 50.33. However, we observe that prices are blocked. Technically, we can say that the current prices vary depending on the moving average 21 periods but that is 7 times more appeared. That is also, RSI 14 is no longer part of its zone of Overbought and stagnated at around 58 points at the moment.
In short, we must admit that the ascending channel are broken by the low but the neutral bias on assets is always there. Thus, it is best to wait for the official publication by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to their stocks of oil before having an opinion on the asset.


The increase up to Euro Stoxx 50 should not stop

Compared with the global indices we have, Euro Stoxx 50 continues to grow at the present time. If we talk in hourly unit time, we see that the index Euro Stoxx 50 has a changing constantly rising. Indeed, one can see on the chart above the Ichimoku cloud supports ongoing. RSI 14 would find her zone on purchase within hours because indeed, its oscillator is in a good direction.
In this situation, say the positions vendors have minimal chances of getting a positive result. For this it is worth buying the Euro Stoxx pending its price reaches 3067 points.

Nikkei 225 he will experience a turnaround?

The NIKKEI 225 index is constantly evolving in the heart of the US markets but also in oil prices. We obviously know that the yen’s value increases more and more against the dollar but we see all the same that the Japanese index experiencing a stagnation through the words of Janet Yellen, president of the Fed.
In any case, the index progresses upward in the short term. It would be interesting to commit to long positions in Nikkei until we get to reach 17 000 points.

The DAX 30 down

If we are positioned below the technology frontier, located on the 10 190 points, then we are bearish on the DAX30. Only above this key level that operations will be revised upwards.
It is best to make scalping operations on the German index for the levels below.

Continuation of the upward frame on Eur / Usd

The pair EUR / USD is constantly increasing, as last Friday, rising by 1.91%. Thus, the euro is currently equivalent to $ 1.1366. Ewald Nowothy, member of Board of Governors of the European Central Bank, said that the inflation rate in relation to the euro should concentrate on the areas of energy and oil.
If the president of the Fed leads not his idea to the end of wanting to raise rates this month, it is thought that the euro was equivalent to $ 1.14. Some are more optimistic and expect $ 1.16. However, it is safe to play on the decline of the euro / dollar.

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